Springfield Beach Resort

You keep coming back to Thailand’s Springfield Beach Resort from all over—from the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Finland and other Scandinavian countries; from Taiwan and Korea; from Australia and New Zealand and from all over Thailand, especially traffic-gorged Bangkok.

Why do so many families and friends keep returning year after year? Simply because Springfield Beach Resort has become your second home of choice.

We are family. In this atmosphere of first-class hospitality many guests and staff are like old friends on a first-name basis.

The extraordinary service at Springfield Beach Resort never feels servile or anonymous, but highly personal. As Annie, the guest relations officer says. “A smile from   guest is my reward when I’ve helped fix a problem.”

Patrick and Felicia from London celebrate their wedding anniversary every year with a private candlelit dinner on Springfield’s pristine private beach. A romantic moonlit walk on the immaculate sand will follow, undisturbed by other people, town lights or traffic.
Each of the beach resort’s eighty-seven rooms presents a panoramic sea view. Along the magnificent Hua Hin-Cha Am corridor many other resort hotels exist, somewhat bunched together. Springfield Beach Resort stands alone with plenty of space for guests to explore their dreams.

Sun-Min and her two girlfriends from a Seoul accountancy love to sunbathe around the spacious pool, read their books and relish the delicious variety of cuisine at Springfield’s diverse restaurants. Once they find themselves rejuvenated from the stresses of their work and big city, the girls visit the resort’s fitness room, play tennis, or go shopping in Hua Hin, transported by van from the resort. They move on to elephant rides arranged by Springfield. Before they leave the resort, they always visit Springfield Village’s Spa for carefully designed massage and treatment packages.

Sun-Min explains the appeal of Springfield Beach resort for her friends and her, “It’s private, peaceful and friendly. There’s plenty to do, or you can just be lazy and recover from all the stress of the big city.”

Springfield Beach Resort’s magnetism for guests from all over the world has been the realization of the dream of visionary property developers. We are not a part of any chain of resorts. We are a development that provides tranquil outdoor living in a private environment. Your wishes are realized with state-of-the-art expertise that allows guests the comfort of modern lifestyle amidst natural and tropical surroundings.

A Finnish couple, Erkki and Senja, praise the atmosphere of peace and quietness, “which you don’t find in many places anymore. The service is extraordinary,” they add. Over the seven years they’ve been returning to Springfield Beach Resort there has been ample opportunity for the guests and staff members to get to know one another. “We are a family,” Senja affirms, as she follows Erkki in the direction of their lunch table by the pool.