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Springfield@Sea Resort & Spa, the new gem on Cha‐Am beach, the latest creation in the Springfield Group, provides the finest in boutique resort elegance, uniting luxurious living with nature.

Featuring 105 rooms, each one offers guests sweeping views of the sea and beach from private, sweet‐scented botanical verandas. Pocket gardens provide greenery throughout the resort. Natural elements abound. A tall rain curtain furnishes soothing sound and the shimmering sight of falling water. At night the visual sensation is elevated with lights that illuminate the drama. Sculptures also glow at night, changing colors as well as vibes.

Our architects have created a fusion experience that unites luxurious living with nature. Our flowing architectural configuration leads you instinctively from one experience to another. Soon you will find Springfield@Sea a hypnotically relaxing sanctuary.

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14 Rooms
Size : 44 Sq.M.
8 Rooms
Size : 163 Sq.M.