• Pace of Play @ Springfield

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Pace of Play @ Springfield

Pace of Play @ Springfield

A round time of 4 hours and 20 minutes is typically sufficient for a group of four to enjoy their day without rushing, however, round times may take longer on extremely busy days. Staff will monitor all groups and their pace-of-play and will dispatch a team member to trouble spots as needed. Springfield has a ‘Smart Marshal Tracking System’ which tracks play times and alerts the Caddy Master of groups that fall out of position.

Please play ‘Ready Golf’:
1. Choose the correct set of tees based on playing ability; make sure you play from tees that allow you to reach all holes in regulation (use the formula below to figure out the perfect tees for you).
2. Be ready to play when it’s your turn; take multiple clubs around the greens or when away from your cart.
3. From club selection to pre-shot routine to execution, strive to hit your shot in 20 seconds when it is your turn to play. Help keep play moving at a brisk pace.
4. Read your putt prior to your turn; do not wait to finish tap-ins.
5. Pick up your ball when the maximum allowed score for your handicap has been reached.
6. Always use the ‘gimme’ circle.
7. Keep up with the group ahead at all times.
8. If your group falls out of position you will have 2 holes to catch up.
9. If your group remains more than 1 hole out of position after the 2 hole warning, your group may be asked to skip a hole to get back in position.

Formula to calculate which tee box suits you best:
1. Find out how far your 5 iron or 5 hybrid goes (or the highest lofted fairway wood)
2. Multiply by 36
3. Play your round from the tee box closest to that yardage.
Example: 5 iron goes 180 yards, 180 x 36 = 6,480 yards => Approx. Blue tees @ SF